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Abhyanga – Oil Massage
Abhyanga in Ayurveda means „to rub around“, meaning around the energy points – the Marma Points. This massage is relaxing, balancing, energizing and healing. The technique of loving hands, as the famous full-body massages are also called, is the basis of all treatment techniques in Ayurvedic beauty care. 
60 minutes
90 minutes
Aromatic oil bath with subsequent Abhyanga 90 minutes
125.00 CHF
175.00 CHF
195.00 CHF
Ayurveda Day
Full-body cream peeling, ayurvedic Abhyanga, full-body massage with foot bath
ayurvedic facial treatment with deep cleansing, oil massage, mask and herbal tea.
1 day 275.00 CHF
«Ayurasan» Method - Facial Treatment
Experience complete relaxation with the exclusively developed treatment method "Ayurasan" in accordance with ayurvedic guidelines.
90 minutes 125.00 CHF
Upanahasveda, the Ayurvedic back treatment, consists in a back massage with special techniques and strokes as well as the integrated Marma point treatment. Muscular tension and blocks caused by stress are loosened gently with the select herbal oils.
60 minutes 105.00 CHF
Garshan – Raw Silk Glove Massage
Garshan is a full-body massage carried out with raw silk gloves and stimulates the metabolism and the lymphatic system. With Garshan, metabolic waste is eliminated and weight loss is stimulated. Additionally, the gentle massage also has a peeling effect. Very effective for flawed skin, fasting treatments and cellulite. This massage has a harmonizing and revitalizing effect. You receive a pair of Garshan raw silk gloves to continue treatment at home.  
60 minutes 135.00 CHF
Shirodhara - Oil Affusion On Forehead
Shirodhara is one of the most intensive treatments of Ayurveda. Warm oil is poured onto the forehead. The skin straightens, tensions of the scalp, inner stress and restlessness melt away. You reach a state of deep relaxation.
45 minutes 95.00 CHF
Three Day Program « In Harmony With Life Energy»
1st day (90 minutes):
"Ayursan“ facial treatment
2nd day (120 minutes):
Relaxing bath with aromatic oils and subsequent Abhyanga – Full-body massage with oil, according to the three Doshas; Pitta, Karpha and Vata
3rd day (120 minutes):
Forehead treatment after the "Shirodhara" method and Upanahasveda
3 days 495.00 CHF

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