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Phytomer and Maria Galand

Soin Silhouette Sculptant
Anti-cellulite treatment with highly concentrated serums. The different properties are matched exactly to the specific requirements. A totally new body mask integrates the active components deeply into the skin.
60 minutes 125.00 CHF
Egyptos - Vital pack
The success is extraordinary. Even after the first treatment, you can see and feel how your skin regains its youthful tightness. The special packing technique ensures special results in the problem zones at risk for cellulite. It provides care for many skin problems such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis or atopic eczema by utilizing the original Dead Sea salt in the vital mud pack. A tightening program which is also ideal for men.

1 application 90 minutes
3 applications (without overnight stay)
145.00 CHF
395.00 CHF
Special Cellulite Treatment
Improves the skin’s appearance, blood circulation in the capillaries, and the metabolic process. First, the fat cells are stimulated and then tightened.
60 minutes 125.00 CHF
Full Body Seasalt Peeling
Removes dead skin cells and optimally prepares the skin for treatment.
30 minutes 49.00 CHF
Yoghurt-Papaya-Coconut Oil Peeling
1 body peeling with yoghurt, papaya puree and coconut oil
30 minutes 49.00 CHF
Fruit Body Peeling
Peach – apricot – coconut
30 minutes 49.00 CHF
Seasalt Peeling With Essential Oil
Removes impurities, dead skin cells and refines the structure of the skin.
55 Minuten 95.00 CHF
Soin Buste Or Thermo Mask With Vials
Tightens the breast tissue
45 minutes 95.00 CHF
Algae Cream Pack
Pure algae concentrate, very purifying and nourishing, stimulates the metabolic process.
60 minutes 110.00 CHF
Sea-Tonic - Tightening Pack
Bath, massage and packs provide you with the gentle, sensuous feeling of a firm body and tight skin.
120 minutes 179.00 CHF
Body Pack For Mother And Child
This body treatment provides the skin with the needed natural moisture with aloe vera and prevents stretch marks.Well-being for mother and baby.
60 minutes 115.00 CHF
Sauna Wraps For Weight Loss
Includes weighing in and measuring, 1 x sauna wrap with soaked bandages and afterwards a stay in the sauna or on the soft pack chair.
60 minutes 145.00 CHF
Medical Therapies
Fango and mud packs 
Whole body 50 minutes
Back 30 minutes
Knee 30 minutes
Fango bath 25 minutes
105.00 CHF
55.00 CHF
55.00 CHF
50.00 CHF

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