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Doctor Babor

Medical cosmetics

Experience the new REVERSIVE anti-aging treatment intensely.
In an extraordinary treatment with pampering massages.
•    Step 1: cleansing, including AHA peeling
•    Step 2: Lip volume, pinch & pull massage
•    Step 3: Lifting touch massage: muscular relaxation
•    Step 4: radient eye area
•    Step 5: mask
•    Step 6: Relaxation & anti-stress:
90 minutes 185.00 CHF
For every stressed skin in need of protection from tired, sallow complexion.
Decreasing skin elasticity and firmness.
Clear signs of environmentally caused skin aging, pigment shifting, dryness, wrinkles.

60 minutes 145.00 CHF
Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, steam treatment, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, concentrated active ingredient, mask, nurturing cream.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
HSR Lifting
A vitamin cocktail with vitamin A, E and C gives you vitality and relaxation after cleansing
90 minutes 145.00 CHF
Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, collagen moisture pad, and a nurturing serum regenerate exhausted tissue in the shortest of times. Massage and day make-up.
75 minutes 125.00 CHF
Dr. Babor Teenie treatment
For the 10-20 crowd - skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, steam treatment, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, nurturing cream.
60 minutes 85.00 CHF

Maria Galland

A treatment as exclusive as your skin

The ACTIV’AGE skin care range is the tailor-made answer to the new needs of mature  skin and its changes: wrinkle formation and dryness increase, while skin density and radiance diminish.
4 innovative products that activate vital skin functions weakened by age and environmental influences

165.00 CHF
Les Essences
With LES ESSENCES, Maria Galland revolutionizes its legendary SOIN MASQUE MODELANT, and sets new standards in the world of beauty with the next generation of this unique treatment method: The essences are applied like a mosaic to various parts of your skin, depending on the actual needs of your skin. This intensifies the effectiveness and the visible immediate effect. In order to prolong the effects of the treatment, your Maria Galland cosmetologist will assemble your individualized treatment products in a case, so you can continue your treatment at home.
135.00 CHF
Face, neck and neckline treatment
Peeling, deep cleansing, brow shaping, treatment vial, massage and mask
90 minutes 125.00 CHF
Therapy cocon-classic (anti-stress treatment)
Moisturizing and soothing; the unparalleled foam mask greatly enhances the absorption of your skin, the active ingredients are carried to the deepest layers of your skin
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Modelling mask
For intensive moisturizing, detoxification and firming of tissues. Mineral mask for dry skin, skin with little grease as well as combination skin and large pores. Lifting effect for softer contours through heat and active ingredients in the upper skin layers. Highest supply of active ingredients from carefully chosen concentrates.
90 minutes 135.00 CHF
Thalasso thermo mask
With vitalizing algae – a mask for intensive mineral treatment and concentrated moisture.
90 minutes 135.00 CHF
Deluxe facial treatment
 Exclusive all around lifting treatment with gold colloidals and caviar. This high quality treatment combats the traces of age and hormonal skin deterioration with the power of highly pure gold particles.
90 minutes 175.00 CHF
Systeme Dermatologique
Text fehlt
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Summer feeling facial treatment with peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, serum, massage, and cooling mask.
90 minutes 125.00 CHF

Gatineau - Chris Farrell

The treatment program for sensitive skin. This line provides a permanent protection against any kind of aggressive influence and preserves the natural delicacy and beauty of the skin
60 minutes 105.00 CHF
Marine Therapy
Revitalizing care program. Tired skin receives new vitality from a sea water complex and a cocktail of trace elements.
90 minutes 140.00 CHF
Nutriactive or D3
The treatment program for dry skin. Enhances the balances of lipids, so the skin becomes supple again.
90 minutes 155.00 CHF
The anti-aging care program. The exclusive molecule of Gatineau prologues the youthfulness of the cells and leaves the skin young and supple.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Silk Stamp
Anti-Aging – for relaxation with depth effect
90 minutes 165.00 CHF

Phytomer - Thalasso Therapy

Soin Accept Apaisant / Capital Defense
Redness, facial erythrosis / sensitive skin, allergies 
90 minutes 125.00 CHF
Soin hydration intensive
Dehydrated skin / stressed skin (smokers, sunbathers, etc.)
90 minutes 125.00 CHF
Soin Pur Correcteur
Blemishes, acne
90 minutes 155.00 CHF
Soin Ogenese Anti Age
Lifts the tissue, reduces lines
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Soin Contour Des Yeux
Soothes swollen eyes and lines
30 minutes 38.00 CHF

Yon-Ka, Paris

Escale Beauté
Facial – Introduction into aromatherapy cleansing, massage, and daily care.
35 minutes 55.00 CHF
Plasir d'Arômes
Aroma-compress, cleansing, peeling, relaxing facial massage, and mask.
60 minutes 105.00 CHF
Le Grand Classique
Deep cleansing, back deblockage, peeling, tightening and restructuring bio-care, specialized massage,mask and daily care.
90 minutes 140.00 CHF
Optimizer (lifting treatment)
This highly effective treatment improves the structure and elasticity of your skin.
90 minutes 150.00 CHF
Alpha Vital
Restorative care with fruit enzymes. Treat yourself to a real anti-aging program.
70 minutes 140.00 CHF
Soin Pureté (acne treatment)
Incredibly cleansing, nourishing results with blackheads and pimples. Very good results even after the first treatment.
90 minutes 105.00 CHF
Secret de Beauté (facial and body)
This truly luxurious treatment given in an environment deliciously perfumed with lavender, sage and petit grain essential oils is an absolute must!
Body treatment, foot treatment, facial treatment and revitalizing.
120 minutes 195.00 CHF
Against tired and heavy legs.
35 minutes 65.00 CHF


The innovative Carol Treatment with the Oxygen Energy Applicator couples the Turbo power of oxygen with the spectacular performance of the !QMS-Products. Together with highly concentrated oxygen, the substances are applied in microscopic particles  
1 oxygen treatment 120 minutes
Package of 3 treatments
185.00 CHF
520.00 CHF
Facial steam treatment with herbs, removal of impurities, eyebrow shaping, deep peeling, massages (20 min), refreshing algae treatment, collagen elixir to store moisture in the skin, nutrients to regenerate the skin, hydrolage and daily care.
120 minutes 185.00 CHF
Includes facial steam treatment with herbs, removal of skin impurities, eyebrow shaping, deep peeling, SK-Alpha-Revital mask, collagen elixir to store moisture in the skin, algae treatment and daily care.
120 minutes 185.00 CHF
Includes facial steam treatment with herbs, removal of skin impurities, eyebrow shaping, deep peeling, collagen, refreshing algae treatment, co-lecithin (supports cell growth), Skin-Velvet-Micro-Foam-Mask, and liquid proteins.
120 minutes 195.00 CHF

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