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When it comes to esthetics, the focus is on pure, beautiful skin: Ericson Laboratoire developed new skin therapy treatment concepts with innovative, highly effective products.
They support the skin's regeneration and give it a fresh, vital and healthy look.
Our experienced estheticians also treat cosmetic problems, such as wrinkles, overpigmentation, facial erythrosis, etc.

This natural way of bust enhancement actively produces tensions that tones and accentuates the underlying fatty tissue – resulting in a firmer and fuller bust.
45 minutes 95.00 CHF
Osmo-Thermy Treatment
This highly original body care treatment combines exfoliation and deep-cleansing of the skin using sea salt. The tissue is cleansed, detoxified and smoothed effectively through the principle of osmosis.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Cryo-Thermy Treatment
Original and effective three-phase treatment. Activates fat burning. Local anti-cellulite effect.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Slim Lift
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Oligo-Thermy Treatment
Effective cleansing and detoxification of the body through clay rich in minerals and essential oils.  Optimal treatment for nervous tension and weight gain.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Aqua-Thermy Treatment
Energizing slimming treatment by means of algae, minerals and trace elements, which stimulate microcirculation,  reduce swelling and drain fluids from the tissue.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Supreme DHE. Age (during menopause)
An excellent anti-age treatment recommended for women of 40 years and above, as preventive care or a treatment for a tired body that needs toning, for damaged tissues (capillaries, stretch marks, deficient lymphatic circulation).
90 minutes 155.00 CHF
Vital and detoxification package
The following treatments allow the therapists to treat local problem zones with extreme efficiency and success:
1. Osmo-Thermy, 2. Novacid Body-Peeling, 3. Slim+lift, 4. Lipo-Thermy, 5. Aqua-Thermy, 6. Oligo-Thermy, 7. Cryodrainage

3 applications
5 applications
7 applications
410.00 CHF
660.00 CHF
925.00 CHF

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