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Estetica - Facial Treatments

Ericson Laboratoire

When it comes to esthetics, the focus is on pure, beautiful skin: Ericson Laboratoire developed new skin therapy treatment concepts with innovative, highly effective products.
They support the skin's regeneration and give it a fresh, vital and healthy look.
Our experienced estheticians also treat cosmetic problems such as wrinkles, overpigmentation, facial erythrosis, etc.  

BIOPURE OXYGEN Super Oxygenated Cleansing Treatment
Improves the oxygen supply in the cells. Oxygen is the basis of all life. The BIOPURE OXYGEN products improve the oxygen supply in the cells, detoxify the skin deeply and function as a protective shield against environmental impurities.

90 minutes
165.00 CHF
Micro-dermabrasion with ultrasound facilitation
The gentle way to a beautiful, bright look!
This is a highly effective and at the same time gentle "removal/abrasion" of skin to treat all kinds of skin problems. The surface skin layers are renewed, scars and pigment spots are removed or visibly softened. The skin looks much fresher and younger.
60 minutes
Subscription for 6 (one additional treatment free)

125.00 CHF
750.00 CHF
In combination with mandelic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and natural vitamin C, the power of mechanical peeling with aluminum oxide chrystals renews your skin in an innovative way and without the redness and peeling effects of a fruit acid treatment.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Botu «VIP»
Anti-wrinkle treatment that relaxes facial features with a “Botox” effect. It visibly minimizes fine facial wrinkles and rejuvenates your countenance after just a few treatments. The natural features are preserved. An ideal supplement to wrinkle and Botox injections.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
This treatment method, fashioned after the medical Meso-therapy, which allows the chosen active ingredients, such as vitamins A, C, and E, to penetrate more deeply into the skin, prevents premature aging of the skin in a lasting way, regenerates the skin, and makes it resistent to the damaging influences of the environment.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Supreme DHE. Age
Phyto substances from wild yams and red clover deeply regenerate and stimulate the body’s own
vitality factors, and give you a fresh, elastic, and youthful look. The skin becomes visibly fresher and
more youthful; a lasting improvement of the skin’s elasticity.

90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Perfection - Depigmentation
Regulating facial care against hyperpigmentation / threefold effect to achieve skin free of spots and a glowing complexion. The Perfection treatment is active on two levels: Change of the genetic effect in the run-up to the pigmentation processes, and redirection of the cellular messengers which are responsible for pigment production.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Morpho Lift
A new concept of thermo pack to improve your facial outline, smaller lines and wrinkles. Cyclolipase and hyaluronic acid are introduced into the skin using a tightening mask technique; with impressive results.   
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Derma-Calm (for extremely sensitive skin)
Select and innovative active ingredients from nature, biotechnologically extracted and prepared, calm reddened and stressed skin, and provide better stress tolerance in the long run. The skin becomes more resistent.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Balancing and clearing treatment of greasy skin. Burrs, sage, and iris, as well as a deep cleansing clay mask regulate the production of talc, lower inflammation and thus make for a pure complexion. Use in combination with steam treatment, as needed.ACPure moisture! Cell extracts and phyto substances play together harmoniously with a collagen pad mask to provide a true moistur boost with immediate effect. Thirsty skin is visibly replenished for the long haul.
90 minutes 165.00 CHF
Bio Optic
Care for the sensitive area around the eyes, provides relief for under eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.
25 minutes 45.00 CHF