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Classic Massages

Massage For Mother And Child
A pregnancy massage for the well-being of the mother-to-be and therefore also for the baby. This massage relaxes muscles, reduces swelling, relieves pain and cramps.  
60 minutes 115.00 CHF
Couple's Massage
Enjoy your time together as a couple! Relax with our couple’s massage with candlelight and aromatic fragrances.
90 minutes
235.00 CHF
Sports Massage
This massage module uses special techniques to loosen the muscles and helps eliminate lactic acid. 
Partial massage ca. 25 minutes
Full-body massage ca. 50 minutes
50.00 CHF
95.00 CHF
Hot Chocolate Dream
The pleasant massage with the seductive aroma of warm melted chocolate stimulates all the senses.
60 minutes 125.00 CHF
Deacidification massage
The most effective way to release acidity and waste products from the tissue is through a deacidification massage in combination with an alkaline bath.
90 minutes
with alkaline bath
125.00 CHF
145.00 CHF
Original Hot Stone Therapy, Indian art of healing
With this treatment, hot lava stones are placed on the energy centers of the body. The heat, together with intensive massage manipulation, stimulates the circulation and loosens the muscles to their core.
75 minutes 145.00 CHF
Classic Massage
This is the 'evergreen' of all massages. Skilled manual stimulation loosens the muscles, improves blood and lymphcirculation and enhances physical and mental relaxation. 
Partial massage ca. 25 minutes
Full-body massage ca. 50 minutes
50.00 CHF
95.00 CHF
Lymphatic Drainage
This is a natural, painless and absolutely effective cure and treatment, since pumping the often stagnant lymph noticeably strengthens the whole immune system and detoxifies the body.
50 minutes 98.00 CHF
Foot Reflexology
The feet are the mirror of our body. All processes of the body are activated or sedated. Disturbances or pain is reduced or prevented.  
25 minutes
50 minutes
54.00 CHF
98.00 CHF
Anti-Stress Treatment
A bath with lemon balm or lavender with a relaxing massage
60 minutes 105.00 CHF

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