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Far Eastern Massages

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique. With pressure on the acupuncture points (Tsubos) and along the energy paths (Meridians), the body's energy is balanced anew, and your health is enhanced. In general, the treatment can be administered as a preventive measure as well as in support of our inner healing forces.
90 minutes 195.00 CHF
This ceremony depends on the interaction of the 5 Asian elements – fire, earth, metal, water and wood – and on the perceptions through our 5 senses. Body, mind, and spirit are pampered, revived and brought into balance again. Comforting warmth, fragrances, sounds, light, and teas dissolve energetic blockages. Traditional Asian massage techniques bring you a deep feeling of contentment.
2.0 hours 235.00 CHF
Thai Herbal Wrap
The traditional Thai herbal wrap warms the body and has anti-inflammatory properties. After the refreshing and stimulating Thai herbal bath, the body is patted with warm herb packs. Following the body peeling and pack, a revitalizing Thai herbal oil is applied.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
Java Lulur
A relaxing Indonesian massage is followed by a stimulating spice peeling and a cooling yoghurt mask, topped off with a bath full of flower petals. Ginger tea and a Jamu drink are served on the side.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
Bali Boreh
Traditionally a rural remedy. A relaxing bath with Manuka and ginger is followed by traditional full-body massage. Afterwards, a warming mixture of sandalwood, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and ground rice is applied to the body. This gives you a feeling of lightness.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF

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