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Traditional Massages

Lomi Lomi
Besides the finest cold-pressed oils (shea nut, jojoba, babassu), this Hawaiian full-body massage uses
valuable essences (ethereal extracts of mandarins and Vanilla Frangipani blossoms).

90 minutes 190.00 CHF
African Queen
This ritual includes a sea salt peeling, a malachite pack, a foamy, pampering bath, and is topped off with a stimulating Yohimbi massage.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
Rêve d'Amazonie
By Maria Galland - Paris
Relaxing rituals conjure up the humidity and heat of the rain forest. The Amazon bath, the macademia nut body peeling, the warming mask with mud from the Amazon, and the massage with natural wood sticks are followed by a refreshing massage with Cascade d'Amazonie lotion.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
A unique and exotic experience. It contains the blossoms, fruits and nuts of the rain forest.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
Brazilian Guarana
Our Guarana treatment primarily brings tightening results. It consists of a Guarana bath, a coconut and Guarana peeling as well as a thermo pack combined with a body wrap. Brazilian Guarana – the natural slimming treatment.
2.0 hours 205.00 CHF
Our "Cleopatra" Treatment with Rassoul mud is the insider tip for an intensive skin care treatment. After a bath enriched with apricot and peach extracts, a peeling with bamboo pellets and a Rassoul mud body pack are administered.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF
Aloe Vera
The aloe vera plant provides moisture, soothes and tightens the skin. Furthermore, the aloe vera treatment bath, the cooling body peeling and the body thermo pack and massage stabilize the naturally acidic coating of the skin.
2.5 hours 235.00 CHF

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