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Sanus Per Aquam - Health Through Water

Heavenly experiences in a spectacular island of rest and repose with whirlpools, 
aroma steam bath, Turkish steam bath, Finnish sauna, Roman thermal bath and relaxation areas.

Rest Areas

Gentle brightness, intoxicating lightness, pleasant serenity.
The western red cedar gives off a warm, aromatic fragrance, which has an invigorating, harmonizing and clarifying effect on people. If you are nervous, the "Thuya plicin" oil in the wood is calming and soothing.

We provide a large number of lounge chairs in three recovery rooms and two outdoor rooms.

Helvetic - Roman Thermae - Caldarium

Here, an artificial fever temperature is created at about 42°C (108°F). This helps to strengthen the immune system in the best possible way. The special effect of the Caldarium is the steady, pleasant warmth that permeates from the stone walls, floors and seats. The air's humidity is around 20%, which makes it possible to stay for a long time.

Aroma Steambath

In the north of Russia, steambaths have been used for centuries. They are not quite as hot as the Turkish bath (ideal temperature about 43°C – 109°F), but has the same 100% humidity. The humid heat is especially beneficial for the respiratory tract and the skin. In our aroma steambath you are surprised with a new floral fragrance every day.

Turkish Steambath

It was already popular in ancient Greece and was a fixed part of bathing culture. The ideal temperature is 47°C (117°F) and the humidity is by 100%. In our bath, Eucalyptus plant extracts are added to the steam. This way, the body receives important minerals, trace elements, and other healing compounds, which have a very positive effect on healing and maintaining health.

Finnish Sauna

A correctly used sauna bath (82°C or 180°F) is less taxing for the heart and circulatory system than a hot tub bath. The coolness of the final shower is as refreshing as the heat in the sauna is restorative. The cool water does not only revive, it also takes care that the enlarged blood vessels are reduced to normal again.

Kneipp Contrast Shower

Kneipp showers - more than a pleasant shower.
The cool water from the various flood showers does not only revive, it also takes care that the enlarged blood vessels are reduced to normal again.

Freshwater Whirlpools

Air and water are two basic elements of life. When the two are mixed, you get joie de vivre and vitality. Small jets at the bottom of the tub release tiny air bubbles, which twirl to the top and move the water. The little bubbles together with the 38°C (100°F) warm water have a massaging effect. Each guest gets fresh water, to guarantee absolute hygiene.
8.00 CHF

Tropical Rain Shower

Underneath the tropical rain temple you experience a completely new shower feeling. The finest warm water drops gently run down your body.


Our outdoor solebath with a temperature of 34°C (93°F) is a special attraction and allows you to enjoy the healing effect of salt. It is open in the summer and winter. The water from Weggis is enriched with 9% natural saline from the Rhine river saline deposits in Schweizerhalle.
Two hours of floating in solewater have a similar effect as a day at the seaside.

Fitness Room

Our small fitness room is right next to the solebath. The bicycle ergometer, the crosstrainer, the treadmill, and the stepper are available to you free of cost.  


The sun, that always shines. Our Ergoline High-Tech Bronzarium shines, whenever you want it to. Fill up on warmth, energy, and vitality. At the same time, you tan and get fit. Sunbathing activates, prevents and stimulates your metabolism.
8.00 CHF

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