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Teenagers from 10 to 16 years


Facial for teens
This facial was developed for very young skin,
it can balance the acidity of the skin; an ideal treatment
for irritations and impurities of the skin.

60 minutes 75.00 CHF
Dream Bath
A pleasant waterjet massage with special aromatic oils.
25 minutes 49.00 CHF
Children's Massage
The harmonic children’s massage strengthens body awareness and is designed for the needs of the child up to age 16.
This extraordinary massage is helpful for children with stress, dificulties to concentrate, sleep problems and overwhelm.
Children feel relaxed and balanced afterwards.   

55 minutes 75.00 CHF
Teenie Sample Pack
A package tailored to the needs of teenagers!
This package consists of:
1 mini facial treatment with tips for care
1 back massage with avocado oil
1 mini manicure

Package price 150.00 CHF

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