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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are valid for all services provided by the Wellness Hotel Rössli for guests, organizers and other contractual partners. These terms and conditions are valid for agreements about the surrender of use against payment of hotel rooms and all rooms of the Wellness Hotel Rössli, specifically hotel rooms, conference rooms for workshops, conventions, conferences, banquets and any other events, as well as all related catering services (food and drink), wellness (beauty treatments and massages) and comparable offers and services. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis reserves the right to supply services through third parties.

Agreement Types
These terms and conditions are exclusively applicable for all agreements, namely hotel check-in, package price, contingency and organizer agreements, entered into by the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis and third parties. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis does not accept the terms and conditions of their contractual partners.

Conclusion of Agreement
The reception of a written or oral booking from the contractual partner and its acceptance by the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis constitutes an agreement. The terms and conditions herein are part of this agreement. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis is at liberty to accept the booking in writing, orally or by text (email, fax or similar).

The specific services are arranged after the confirmation of reservation.

The rooms can only be used for the agreed upon purpose of spending the night. Subletting the reserved rooms is only permitted with express approval. The contractual partner has no claim on the use of specific rooms. Should no rooms be available in-house, the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis can offer a substitute of equal value.
Prices are subject to change.

Arrival and Departure
The booked rooms are available for the contractual partner on the day of arrival starting at 2:00 pm. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis can rent any reserved rooms not occupied by 6:00 pm to other customers.  Checking-in after 6:00 pm is possible if paying in advance or with a credit card guarantee.

The room must be vacated on the day of departure by 11:00 am. A late check-out leads to additional charges and can be billed by the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis (up to a maximum of 100% of the nightly cost).

Option Dates
The dates of the options are binding for both parties to the contract. After the timeframe of the options, the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis will have all rooms at its disposal.

Payments are usually made at the time of departure. The invoiced amount is payable without deductions. There are no rebates or cash discounts for the invoiced amounts. Payment is due at the time of invoicing. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis reserves the right to request partial or complete payment of the reservation in advance. In case of delayed payment, legal regulations come into effect. Additional costs in the amount of CHF 20.00 are charged for reminder letters.

Vouchers are valid for the duration of a year. Expired vouchers will not be accepted. Bought vouchers or credit vouchers will not be reembursed. The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of vouchers. We do not assume responsibility for lost vouchers which are redeemed by a third party.

Cancellation Requirements
Cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations up to 1 week in advance free, up to 3 days in advance, 1 nightly stay is charged. When cancelling later than that, we charge the agreed price for the duration of the stay, with a maximum of 2 nights.

Cancellation of the Contract by the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis
The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis has the right to cancel the agreement, if
- the contractual partner does not make a payment due,
- keeping the agreement is impossible due to an act of nature beyond control,
- the contractual partner has provided false or misleading information,  
- the rooms under the agreement are sublet without prior approval,
- the reputation, safety or smooth operation of the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis is at risk.

Aditional terms and conditions for groups
For the purposes of these terms and conditions, groups are travel groups with a minimum of 20 persons booked, who are scheduled to arrive and depart together. Only one total invoice will be issued and given to the tour operator, if necessary. For groups with less than 20 persons, the prices for individual guests apply. A warranty claim for group rates does not apply; due to individual agreement, group prices can be negotiated depending on availability and demand.

Reservations must be confirmed in writing. The final list of names of the members of a relevant group must be sent to 14 calendar days before arrival.

The following cancellation charges apply for group cancellations:
- 31 days before arrival:             free of charge
- 30 to 21 days before arrival:     25% of the booked services
- 20 to 14 days before arrival:     50 % of the booked services
- 13 to 7 days before arrival:       75% of the booked services
- 6 to 0 days before arrival:       100% of the booked services

Liability of the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis
The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis is not liable for the property of the guest. Generally, the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis only assumes liability in case of deliberate or negligent behavior for all legal and contractual claims. The Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis assumes liability for slight negligence in case of violation of important contractual obligations and in case of harm to life, body or health.
Liability for secondary or indirect damages is excluded.

Liability of the Contractual Partners
When facilities or inventory of the Wellness Hotel Rössli Weggis are damaged or lost, the resulting charges are billed to the contractual partner.

Obligation to Report

The contractual partner has the obligation to report visible defects to the hotel immediately, at the latest at the time of departure.