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Weggis - Vitznau / Weggis - Hertenstein

From the hotel, you can hike along the lake to Vitznau, or on the other side, to Hertenstein.

Rigi Lehnenweg
The diversified «Lehnenweg» takes you above Lake Lucerne along the slopes of Mt. Rigi from Immensee/Küssnacht through Weggis and Vitznau all the way to Gersau. You get a view of enclosures and gardens and cross through groves of trees and meadows. The fabulous view of the lake and mountains, as well as the fact that this trail is marked really well all along, have made the «Lehnenweg» very popular.
Between Vitznau and Weggis, you'll need sturdy shoes.
Time of hike: 5 hours, difference in altitude: 1115 feet, length 10.9 miles

Mt. Rigi

On Mt. Rigi there are various hiking possibilities, for example:

Circular trail Rigi Kaltbad – Kulmhütte – Rigi First - Rigi Kaltbad
Leaving from Rigi Kaltbad, the flower trail passes the minigolf course, and leads to the Felsenkapelle (Rock Chapel) with the famous  lookout point Känzeli ("little pulpit"). Here you enjoy a magnificent view on the city of Lucerne, the Bürgenstock and the cross of Lake Lucerne. From Rigi Känzeli, there is a short incline until you reach Rigi Staffelhöhe and then Rigi Staffel. From Rigi Staffel, the trail turns to the right, and you hike across alpine meadows  to Kulmhütte. The trail leads down to the cheese maker's cottage, and if you are lucky, you'll have the opportunity to watch the alp farmer make cheese.  Further along the trail, you get to the Schochen cottage. Here, you turn to the right and reach the Alp Trib. Here, the traditional Rigi alp cheese is produced as well, and whey drinks are available. Follow the path downwards, along  hollows and waterways. Above the former Hotel Des Alpes, the trail leads to the Ständli cottage to the right. After the bridge, the path ascends.
Time of hike: 1 - 1.5 hours

Hikes on Mt. Rigi in the summer

Hike "Hohle Gasse"

This trail starts at the train station in Immensee. After a short 10 minute walk you find yourself already at the upper entrance to the famous "Hohle Gasse". It was completely renovated in 2005 and has a sturdy info pavilion.
Then it leads on towards the Gessler Ruins. It is worth it to hike up to the ruins and climb around on the old walls. Numerous spots to roast your lunch invite to a cozy picnic.
Afterwards, you continue up to the Seebodenalp. There are several ways to get there. Our path didn't lead directly to the cable railway, but ascended a little further to the south. Either way, this climb is quite taxing, but then you are rewarded with a very beautiful view. Once you pass the Ruedisegg, it doesn't take long until you are on the way down to Weggis again.
This trail is  fabulous especially in the spring, since countless blooming fruit trees line it.
Time of hike: 3.5 hours, difference in altitude: 7 miles, length:  11.8 km


Map Weggis

Map of trails