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Weggis - Vitznau / Weggis - Hertenstein

From the hotel, you can walk along the lake to Vitznau, or on the other side, to Hertenstein.

Rigi Lehnenweg
The diversified «Lehnenweg» takes you above Lake Lucerne along the slopes of Mt. Rigi from Immensee/Küssnacht through Weggis.
You get a view of enclosures and gardens and cross through groves of trees and snowy meadows. The fabulous view of lake and mountains, as well as the fact that this trail is marked really well all along, have made the «Lehnenweg» very popular.
Time of hike: 3 hours

Mt. Rigi

You can hike Mt. Rigi in the winter too, on prepared hiking trails above the fog and with a unique panoramic view. Whether you go with snowshoes or hiking boots is up to you.

Hiking Rigi in the Winter


Map Weggis

Map of trails