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The most cheapest rate is available by telephone +41 41 392 27 27

Rössli Tower Room, 40m2
The "Rössli" highlight! For those who want to treat themselves to something extraordinary
Price per person and night from 123.50 CHF
Superior Room, 30m2
Our modern lakeside rooms.
Would you like to be in harmony with nature and life itself...
Price per person and night from 104.50 CHF
Mark Twain Double Room, 22m2
Do you like a functional room with view out into the green landscape? In that case, this is what you’re looking for!
price per person and night from 92.60 CHF
Mark Twain single room, 14m2
If you need some absolut quiet or just a little time for yourself for a change...This single room is the ticket for you!
Price per night from 128.25 CHF
Mark Twain triple room, 24m2
This room furnished in a traditional style accommodates three people with enough space for all.
Price per person and night from 90.00 CHF

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Special offer

Special offer
2 days of wellness
from Fr. 250.–

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